What a Day of Self-Care Looks Like for Me

Self-care has been a popular topic for some time now. I think I have always been pretty good when it comes to self-care. I try to keep a balance between work and play, but it's easy to get caught up in a hectic schedule and let work take over. When that starts to happen and I'm reaching my limit, I always try to find just a few hours to step back and take a breather.

My favorite form of self-care is a quiet night of at home pampering. Sunday nights are usually my time to get organized, relax and prep for the week ahead. I like to clean up my space, take a bath, treat myself with a face mask, maybe paint my nails, and watch an episode or two of my current favorite show. (I cannot get enough of Queer Eye.) Sometimes, I will read or even bake. To me, self-care if whatever you like to do that relaxes you and brings you joy. While baking might not be everyone's choice, I find it very therapeutic. Plus, I get to eat delicious, oven fresh chocolate chip cookies. Yes, please.
Maybe at home pampering isn't your style. Treat yo self to a day at the spa! The ultimate self-care for me is a massage. Find a great spa near you and book one now! The Spa at Falling Waters is my go-to place for relaxation. I love to get there early and unwind in their sanctuary in a fuzzy robe with a warm cup of tea. The massages are always so incredible, and afterwards I look forward to the their rainfall shower.
However, you want to take care of yourself, whether a quiet night in or a day at the spa, just make sure to take time for you. Self-care not only helps to relax you, it has been known to improve your work life. Someone who is burnt out all the time will never be as productive as someone who sets aside time to refocus and relax. Self-care is not selfish or indulgent. It's a necessity.

I hope you carve out some time this week for some self-care. I promise you will be happy to did! This article is a great read to help you start practicing self-care.