May Favorites

May was filled with flights and old friends. During the first week in May, I went to Portland, Oregon for the first time for a marketing conference. Well, technically we flew into Portland and the conference was held just outside P-Town in the most magical place called Stevenson, Washington. The day we arrived in Portland, myself and some colleagues had some time to roam around. We made our way to Hawthorne Boulevard where we found a small Powell's Bookstore (the one located in downtown Portland is 10 times the size of this little one we stumbled into) and grabbed a delicious lunch at El Cubo de Cuba. The Havana Bowl was out of this world flavorful.

The following weekend, I jumped on another plane and headed south to Dallas, Texas where I spent a few days catching up with old friends I had not seen in years. It was a long weekend full of food, drinks and the kind of nonstop laughter that makes your cheeks hurt. It was wonderful.

A few years ago, I started a little tradition of picking up a few postcards in each city I would visit. I don't know what it is, but I could take a thousand photos and I still need to buy a postcard or two. I have a wooden box full of postcards from dozens of cities. The more unique the postcard, the better. While in Portland, I also picked up a fun little book all about the very cool city. It is written buy a guy who moved from their from the East Coast. He lets the reader in on a few little secrets (it doesn't rain in Portland as much as you think it does) and gave some great food recommendations.

Fashion wise, simple and dainty rings have been in heavy rotation lately. I love layering different styles and finishes.  I have also been gravitating towards bracelets. I was never big into bracelets. They always seemed to get caught on things or needed readjusting every few minutes. I found a great vintage piece in a local thrift shop and I just had to have it. I have worn it just about every day since purchasing it. It's simple and goes with everything. I love throwing it on with a little sun dress or jeans and a tee.

Speaking of jeans and a tee... That has been my summer uniform lately. I particularly love button front denim paired with a graphic tee. Throw on some nude mules and my favorite straw hand bag (another amazing thrift store find) and there you have it. For some fun flare, I have been folding little scarves to tie around my neck. I spotted a girl style a classic red handkerchief with a stripped tee and I was hooked on the look.

View from Skamania Lodge where the marketing conference took place.
May was a pretty great month. I definitely caught the travel bug and I'm looking forward to some more adventures this summer. We shall see what June has in store!