Travel Diary: A Day in D.C.

When flying home from Dallas last Tuesday, a tornado just outside Washington, D.C. caused a cancelled flight and an impromptu overnight stay. A cancelled flight is not often a welcome hitch in the plans, but once I was settled into my hotel room I decided to take advantage of this opportunity. I love D.C. and have been to our nation's capital a few times over the years. When one of my good friends was studying at GW, I made a few trips to visit her and instantly fell in love with the city. It is beautiful, clean, and swarming with men in suits.
Before I set out on my spontaneous adventure, I did a bit of research just to find out where the optimal drop off location would be. I planned on walking everywhere and needed a solid starting point. I decided I should start at the Lincoln Memorial. Here is what my day in D.C. looked like:

11:30am - Took an Uber from my hotel to the Lincoln Memorial. Pro Tip: Always use Uber Pool. The cost is way cheaper and sometimes you get to ride solo.

12:00 pm - Made my way along the Reflection Pond to the WWII Memorial. I had to stop for a few minutes to watch a mama duck and all her little ducklings swimming in single file. They quickly became quite the tourist attraction. 

12:30 pm - Arrived at the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden. This museum focuses on modern art. Even the building is a work of art. Pro Tip: All Smithsonian Museums are free, so take advantage!

1:30 pm - Stumbled upon a dozen or so food trucks across from the Federal Building. Lunch was in full swing. I grabbed some empanadas from The Corn Factory and claimed a shady spot to people watch. I also swung into a Starbucks to charge my phone and escape the heat. It was 95 degrees that day. Pro Tip: It never hurts to take a break and charge your phone. 

3:00 pm - Walked to the United States Botanic Gardens and passed the Capital Building along the way. The Botanic Gardens are so beautiful! I spent an hour wandering through each room, doubling back to view a few rooms twice.

4:00 pm - I stepped foot in the most beautiful building my eyes have ever seen. The Library of Congress took my breathe away. I spent well over an hour starring at the ceiling and taking pictures from every angle imaginable. There is not one photo I snapped that will do this inspiring space justice. If you ever get the chance to visit the Library of Congress, do not pass it up. I stood amongst Thomas Jefferson's personal collection of books. It was the perfect last stop on my day of adventures. 

6:30 pm - I ended the day with a cold beer and a plate of the most delicious tater tots of all time at ChurchKey. The bartender was so friendly and very helpful when it came to answering all of my beer questions. There were so many great brews on tap. Pro Tip: Make friends with the bartender, they have the best stories and are more than happy to give you sample tastings.

8:30 pm - Arrived back at my hotel. I was exhausted and my feet were killing me, but spending the day exploring one of my favorite cities solo was so worth the minor foot cramp. It was so exciting to explore new places in one of my old favorite places. Having the freedom to make my own literary and do whatever I wanted was very liberating. I love traveling with family and friends, but traveling solo is something everyone should try at least once.