December Favorites

For my December Favorites, I decided to group things a bit differently. Each month I tend to have more than just beauty favorites, and I wanted to talk about all the things I have been loving.

Kristin Ess Weightless Shine Spray. I purchased this spray about two months ago and have used it ever since. My hair is so shiny and healthy. It is a great product for detangling and anti-frizz. I have been on a no heat streak for some time now and using this spray cuts down on having to use other products to ensure my hair isn’t a frizz ball.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel. This moisturizer has changed my skin’s life. This stuff is amazing. I use it each day and night, and I have seen a huge difference in my skin’s tone and texture. It is very hydrating and feels so luxurious. It is one of the best parts of my nighttime routine.

Too Faced Just Peachy Matte Powder. I am mildly obsessed with the Too Faced Just Peachy Collection. I have the bronzer and now the matte powder. The best part about this collection is that everything smells amazing! The scent is just like fresh peaches picked right off the tree. It is such a delightful to use.

Sally Hansen Insta Dry Nail Polish. My boss actually introduced me to the Sally Hansen Insta Dry Nail Polish and I have since bought 4 different colors. It takes just one coat, a few minutes and you are good to go! This polish is perfect for people who can't sit still for very long aka me.

Lush Bath Bombs. One of my favorite ways to unwind lately has been with a warm bubble bath. It is incredibly relaxing. I go all out with candles flickering and a good book in hand. It has been a great little nighttime ritual to relax after a long day or week.

A soon as I saw the trailer for Murder on the Orient Express, I was on Amazon ordering the book. Ever since I finished that murder mystery, I have been on an Agatha Christie kick. I love her writing and Hercule Poirot. He is a strangely wonderful character, who makes me chuckle with this odd habits and amazes me with his insight. I have a short stack of Agatha Christie books waiting to be read.

 Lavender Essential Oils // Yankee Candles //Vintage Coach Willy Bag //
  Letter Board //Fuzzy Duck Boots

Essential Oils. I bought a diffuser a few months back because I heard diffusing essential oils is great for the body, mind and soul. Lavender oil has been my favorite for helping me sleep. It really works. I also love using Tea Tree oil to help with my skin.

Yankee Candles. Who doesn't love to lite a candle on a cold December day? I have been favoring Yankee candles over any other brand lately. I find the quality is better than others and they last so long. My favorite scent has been Autumn Wreath.

Vintage Coach Willis Bag. I purchased this bag over a year ago and rediscovered it when the cold weather hit. It is a great size for all my essentials- phone, wallet, and a little pouch for lotions, lipsticks, etc. I just love the look and feel of this bag.

Letter Board. I have this letter board sitting on my desk. It is a fun item that I look forward to playing around with and changing every few weeks or whenever I need a new pick me up.

Fuzzy Duck Boots. I received these boots for Christmas two years ago and really put them to good use these past few months. Buffalo has had some crazy cold temps and these fuzzy boots keep my toes so warm and toasty!