Happy New Year! The start of a new year has always excited me. I like the idea of new beginnings. Not that anything dramatic really happens once the ball drops, but the concept of starting fresh brings me a sense of peace. I like the idea of a whole new year ahead of me to make new plans and set new goals. 2018 is already looking pretty good. I have two trips planned and hopefully a third trip to Europe in the works! But I am getting ahead of myself. All throughout the year, new goals are laid out depending on career changes and other events that pop up, but I do like to have a few resolutions. I used to set resolutions and dive in head first. By the end of January, beginning of February, I am burnt out and feel like a failure. A pretty common occurrence with resolutions. This year I am taking a more relaxed approach. Sure, I have goals, but I am going to take it easy and make them attainable. I want my resolutions to be something to look forward to and not so much a burden. So, without further ado, here they are:

Read a book a month. This might seem like a very low bar to set, but I tend to go through stages of reading. I will read a book consistently for a week, then life happens and a month later I am finally finding time to finish the book. For instance, I started Hercule Poirot’s Christmas mid-December and haven’t touched it in about 3 weeks. I am looking forward to finding out who done it in the nest week and moving on to The Girls or In the Unlikely Event. Two books I have had for months and haven’t even cracked open yet!

Drink more water. This is a goal I set each year and clearly I am not doing a good job, but for the past few months I have really been trying. I downloaded an app and have water bottles everywhere- my room, my desk, my car. Similar to riding a bike, I am hoping this will become second nature and not something I do when I realize I am far too dehydrated. (I am going to fill up my water bottle as I type this.)

Go to yoga once a week. I first tried yoga about 4 years ago in NYC. I loved the studio and the environment. It was so relaxing and a great way to unwind after work. I am still trying to find a studio I like here in Buffalo, but I am aiming to have my first session scheduled for next week.

Travel to Europe. I have done so many wonderful things in my 28 years, but I still have not visited Europe. I am determined to achieve this goal. I would love to go to Barcelona or Dublin or Greece. Anywhere really! I just need to go. I want to explore and wander and not over plan. Just go and enjoy.

Create more. This is incredibly vague, but I enjoy doing so many creative things from crafts to drawing to writing to baking, I just compiled it all into one category. My friend bought me the perfect book for Christmas filled with recipes and DIY home d├ęcor ideas. It really rejuvenated my love for crafts and I cannot wait to start creating.