My Secret to Great Skincare

Over the years I have had my fair share of skin problems. Recently, I began to notice a very clear difference between having great skin and not so great skin. The difference was water intake. Yep, that's it. For me, lack of water is all it takes to make my skin look and feel awful. I downloaded a very helpful app that reminds me to drink water. Each time I drink a glass, I log it and water a cute little virtual plant. It has been so beneficial to helping to reach my 8 glasses of water and keeping my body and skin happy. If you need further proof on the power of water, check out this article that pinpoints just how important water is for every aspect of your health. If you have been having a tough time with your skin, try drinking more water before anything else. I tried eliminating milk and dairy, but that did not work. I cut down on sugar, and while I felt good, my skin was no different. When I paid more attention to how much water I was or wasn't drinking, my skin was clear and glowing. Not a fan of plain old water, add a lemon slice or even sliced strawberries for a little extra flavor. You can even create your own little mixes, such as cucumber and strawberry or lemon and lime.