Hoop Girl

When it comes to earrings, I love the idea of them, but rarely ever put any on. I buy beautiful dangly earrings and simple studs, but they always seem to be overlooked by rings or necklaces. That has changed lately with some new additions to my jewelry collection. Hoops have made their way onto my vanity and into my ears. It started with some unique hoops from Target. A silver and gold pair that each featured an extra piece added to the hoop for an art deco feel. The gold pair even give me a bit of an Egyptian vibe (see below). The pair with small turquoise beads are also from Target. I picked them up in the clearance section. They are from the Baublebar collection for Target, SUGARFIX. My newest and favorite pair I just scooped up last week. They were a bit of a splurge, but I have already worn them quite a few times so they were definitely worth the twenty plus dollars. I love the simple look with a delicate twist detail. I bought them at my friend's Tony Walker party and I am so glad I did. They go with every outfit, and when they peak out from behind my hair, they are a fun, expected accessory for my style.