Fall Home Essentials

I had planned this post a few weeks back, but as you can see I am just getting to it now. It is quite timely since I am currently battling a cold, and all I want are cozy blankets, candles and hot tea. Coincidentally, all of these things also fall (no pun intended) into my fall home essentials. When September comes around, even it's if 80 and sunny (like it has been here), I go into Fall Mode. The blankets come out, the sweater replace the summer pieces, and the smell of Leaves by Bath & Body Works wafts from my room. I do, occasionally, add some fun fall details like a little 'Hello Fall' wooden sign from the Target Dollar Spot, but in the past few years I tried not to spend too much money on knickknacks. While I will certainly gravitate towards items during my Hobby Lobby run, they usually sit in the cart until I head to checkout and ask myself, "Do I really need this?" Lately, the answer has been no, and it has been good for my soul and my bank account. However, I could not say no to this 'Give Thanks' mug. I saw it and knew it was coming home with me.
How you you prepare for fall? What are some of your fall essentials?