Fall Wardrobe Wishlist

Maybe it's because I recently bought some fall scented candles, but I have had fall on the brain lately. Mostly I have been planning out my wardrobe. There are a few pieces I would like to invest in this year.

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For outerwear, I have been loving bomber jackets. This one from H&M is at the top of my list. I love the navy blue base with the pink floral for a pop of color. A biker jacket in a burgundy color peaked my interest when I saw a faux-suede one at Old Navy. For some reason, I cannot stop thinking about blazers. I just want a simple style in a neutral color.

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Flare jeans are coming a small come back and I am feeling so nostalgic. In high school, I would wear bell bottom jeans everyday. I was probably one of the last people to switch to skinny jeans because I loved my bell bottoms so much. Trying to find the perfect button front denim skirt has been a challenger for me. Mainly because I can be so picky. The same goes for embroidered jeans. Most of the embroidered jeans I have come across, the denim is so thin and seems poorly made. This may become a DIY project with a great pair of Levi's. 

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I have been on the hunt for the red, white and blue Nike Cortez. They are sold out EVERYWHERE. Aside from the sneaker classics, I love the new shoes from the Who What Wear Collection at Target. The yellow is so happy and the blue embroidery looks gorgeous with that bright satin. For a more casual look, quilted slip ons that would match anything are a must have for me this fall.