It's Shark Week!

My favorite week of the entire year is here, Shark Week! It all started last night with Phelps vs the Great White. Tonight I am having a girl friend over for wine, cheese and gummies of the aquatic nature (read: swedish fish). I also made some delicious cupcakes because it's a not a party without cupcakes.
To kick off Shark Week, I wore my favorite Jaws t-shirt from Old Navy. It's from the men's department, but who cares, and why do the men get all the cool graphic tees? I paired it with denim shorts, but I think a button up jean skirt would be so cute! I have my eye on one from Urban Outfitters. The limited edition Shark Lokai is an accessory must, along with the metallic bag whose various blue hues emulate waves. Kind of obsessed with it.

In honor is this spectacular week, I also wanted to revisit the iconic Harper's Bazaar shoot with Rihanna from March 2015. This just might be my favorite editorial shoot to date. 

For more incredible images from this spread, check out Harper's. There is even an amazing behind the scenes video of RiRi swimming with sharks! She is a queen.