Unboxing: Japan Candy Box May 2017

I love sweets! Chocolate, cakes, cookies, and, my number one favorite, gummies! I also love to try new things. When I heard about the Japan Candy Box, I had placed my order before you could say sweet tooth. The Japan Candy Box is a monthly subscription that costs $19.90. It comes with a variety of sweet and savory Japanese treats. I received my first box a few weeks ago and just got around to trying it the other night with my boyfriend. It ended up being a fun little taste testing during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Out of the 10 (yes, ten!) snacks we received, I love 4 of them. Obviously, I loved both gummy candies. They tasted just like concord grapes and smelled incredible! In fact, everything was very scented, which wasn't always a god thing. The Potato Ring Snacks (pictured above) smelled like cat food, but surprisingly had no taste. I did not care for any of the savory snacks.
I just received an email with shipping info for my second box and I am so excited to try the fun treats! I will definitely do another post!

The cutest strawberry chocolate pieces.

One of my favorite gummies. It tasted like juicy grapes and was molded into grapes on a vine! How cute!