Pom Pom Pandemonium

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The pom pom trend is alive and well! I thought there was a bit of this trend happening last year, but I have seen pom poms popping up everywhere! Last year, I made a fun DIY Pom Pom Straw Tote that is perfect for the beach.  It seems this year, pom poms are migrating from bags to jeans, shoes and earrings! What's great about a lot of the items show above is that these would be easy DIYs as well. Take the jeans for example. You could spruce up an older pair of jeans by easily sewing colorful pom poms to the bottom of each leg. In under an hour, voilĂ ! a brand new pair of jeans! Same goes for the shoes and basket. I was even thinking for the shoes and jeans, if you don't want the pom poms to be permanent, you could use Velcro as the adhesive and just take the pom pom detail off when you want a more classic look. How are you embracing the pom pom trend?