Weekly Spread: March 13th-19th

It has been so long since my last weekly spread post! This week I am celebrating my birthday! I thought this kit from Wild Summer Designs was perfect. The girl's style something I would wear, and makes a great fit for a week of celebrating me. My birthday falls right in the middle of the week so it's okay to claim the entire week, right? On Wednesday, my family and I will be having a low key party with pizza and cake. Later in the evening, some friends and I are going to grab a few birthday drinks. On Thursday, my friend and I are going to Paint Nite and I cannot wait!
Right now, we are in the midst of Snow Storm Stella, so I am just looking forward to going home and relaxing. I love a snowy night in. I am very excited to rent Passengers. Yes, I heard it was terrible, but I love J.Law so I don't care! 
Stay warm and safe!