Positive Affirmations Only

"Positive affirmations only." This is a phrase I hear a few days each week when I meet with my trainer, and it gets me through those tough days. My journey, though in the beginning stages, has seen some ups and downs. Last week was not my finest hour. I was sick, missing classes and down in the dumps. Luckily, I have an incredible group of people who have supported me in this journey and keep me on track. This past Tuesday, I met with my trainer with renewed motivation and a major vendetta to settle with myself. I wanted to crush my workout, and I did.
I recently started looking to Pinterest for new meal ideas to change up my chicken recipes, and also found some awesome quotes about fitness. My favorite one might be "Strive for progress, not perfection." The hardest part of working out for me has been wanting to see results immediately. But it doesn't work that way. One work out does not equal pounds lost. Six session in two weeks, yes. I am down over 5 pounds since I started this process. Personally, I do not see a major different in my body, but I feel it. Every week I go into the gym and start leg day or arm day and I feel stronger. I feel more flexible, and most importantly I feel great after each work out. I look forward to feeling sore because then I know I put the work in.
If you are like me and didn't think you had the time or the money, stop making excuses and go to the damn gym. My sessions are three times a week and last around 45 minutes. That's it, 45 minutes and I leave feeling so accomplished. Tired, but accomplished. I sleep better at night, I am eating right and those endorphins are a plus too! Yes, a personal trainer can be expensive, but fit it into your budget. I look at the money I am spending as an investment. An investment towards my health and well-being. Honestly, I would be spending it somewhere else frivolously, probably on crappy food.
 I wanted to write about my experience because I know it's hard. It's hard to get started and set aside that time. I can be expensive and draining at first, but I promise you will not regret it, Find a trainer or a friend who wants to work out and help you along the way. Having someone to talk to is so helpful! My friends and I motivate each other and always encourage one another.
There is no better time than now. A year from now you will look back and wish you had started today. You know the phrases. They are overused, a bit cheesy, but so true! No more excuses.