Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cape House 2016

I am still in denial that my trip is over. I have been back since Sunday night, but keep thinking back to the days in Massachusetts filled with cramp inducing laughter and far too many Seagram's. I ate just about every type of seafood and doubled up on clam chowder. Spent days on the beach playing the best game ever, Bru-Bag. Most importantly, I was able to spend time with friends I love. I alm already looking forward to next year where we plan on staying even longer!

A few polaroids. 

 The beach at dusk.

 Wicker chairs with mix-matched pattern in our AirBNB.

 The best coffee ever!

Potato Pancakes from Keltic Kitchen- A must-go breakfast spot!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Weekly Spread: August 29th-September 4th

This kit is from the June Glam Planner Subscription. I love the soft pastels and super girly details. The only gripe I have with these stickers is that they are a bit see through. I wish I had known ahead of time so I could have used a white out pen on the planner paper. Lesson learned. 
I hope everyone has a great week!

Monday, August 29, 2016

2016 VMA Best Dressed

Last night was the MYV VMAs. Sadly I missed the event, but I would never miss a red carpet recap. I saw some interesting trends. Quite a few women where spotted wearing just a blazer. No top, no bra. Occasionally a body chain was involved. I didn't hate the look, but it wasn't my favorite. Also, lots of two piece ensembles with flare pants and a crop top. So, let's a take a look at the looks I loved. Warning: Beyonce is not involved. 

Hailee Steinfeld
 This dress makes me excited for fall!
Hailey Baldwin
 Palm tree dreams.
 Paisley Pantsuit. 
Zara Larsson
80s Prom Queen.

Image source

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pineapple Craze

Link to products.

Although summer is nearing the end, I feel like I am seeing an increase in pineapple themed items. I recently picked up a plain white tee with a embroidered pineapple peaking out of the left side pocket from H&M. It is so cute and perfect for my trip to the Cape tomorrow! I complied some other really cute pineapple items. I adore the striped bag and the chambray flats. How do you feel about the pineapple trend? I heard foxes are in for fall!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

DIY: Pom Pom Straw Tote

Since the day I found out I was heading to Cape Cod, I was a mission to find the perfect straw tote to lug my belongings to the beach. I saw quite a few totes with tassels and pom poms, but the prices were just too much for a beach item. When I found this sturdy and simple tote from H&M, I knew I would adorably add some cute details to create exactly what i had envisioned. 

What You'll Need:
-Glue Gun
-Pom Pom Garland- Mine is from Hobby Hobby.
-Tote (Similar

I only added the pom poms to one side of the bag. I was nervous the garland would fall off from rubbing against my side. Once I decided what order I wanted the colors to go in, I laid down the second color first. This way I would easily lay the white over the black without getting tangled in the pom poms. This project took about 15 minutes. it was so easy and a lot more adorable than some of the $150 decorated totes I have seen. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekly Spread: August 22nd-28th

Happy Monday! I am so excited about this week and this spread. I am going on vacation this Thursday to Cape Cod! I picked up this kit from MiriMibelle a few months ago and saved it specifically for this week. It's the perfect kit for a beach vacation. I also found adorable Summer Bucket List stickers from Sti & Co that worked out so nicely for this week. 
I hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Friday Favorites

This week was rather heck-tick between work, opening my Etsy shop, and other life happenings. I am looking forward to a night at the fair with a great friend and fried food, and a Saturday evening spent with my cousin who just moved back to town. Other than that, I am eager to create more designs for Golden Soul and relax the next few days. Here are some things that made me smile this week.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunset earrings available in my shop.

 A beautiful and delicious cake at my friend's gender reveal party. She's having a girl!

Vintage Christian Dior.

 Chicken Waldorf Salad from my favorite bakery.

My silly cat who passed on in a rather uncomfortable position.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Weekly Spread: August 15th-21st

My planner this week is making me crave sweets! This adorable kit from Sweet bean Plans was the perfect spread to use this week since I am going to the fair on Friday! Fair food is the best food! Corn dogs, fried dough, fried Oreos and fresh squeezed lemonade are a must each year. 
I hope everyone has been having a great week!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Opening Day for Golden Soul Designs!

 I am beyond excited to announce my Etsy shop has gone live! Golden Soul Designs is officially up and running! I have an exclusive offer just for Little Rambling readers! Take 30% off your order now through tomorrow with the code: OpeningDay30!

I hope you love my creations as much as I do! Don't forget I can make custom pieces!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Big Announcement!

I am so excited to announce that my Etsy jewelry shop, Golden Soul Designs, will be opening on Monday, August 15th! For some time, I have given a lot of thought to starting up my own business. Someday, I would love to be my own boss. My father runs a business so I think it may be in my blood.  I have been working every night on new necklace, bracelet and earrings designs! I have loved every minute of it and am thrilled to have a creative outlet I hope to develop over time. My designs will have a bit of a boho, free spirit vibe to them. Stay tuned for an exclusive Little Ramblings coupon code just for my wonderful readers! I hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Positive Affirmations Only

"Positive affirmations only." This is a phrase I hear a few days each week when I meet with my trainer, and it gets me through those tough days. My journey, though in the beginning stages, has seen some ups and downs. Last week was not my finest hour. I was sick, missing classes and down in the dumps. Luckily, I have an incredible group of people who have supported me in this journey and keep me on track. This past Tuesday, I met with my trainer with renewed motivation and a major vendetta to settle with myself. I wanted to crush my workout, and I did.
I recently started looking to Pinterest for new meal ideas to change up my chicken recipes, and also found some awesome quotes about fitness. My favorite one might be "Strive for progress, not perfection." The hardest part of working out for me has been wanting to see results immediately. But it doesn't work that way. One work out does not equal pounds lost. Six session in two weeks, yes. I am down over 5 pounds since I started this process. Personally, I do not see a major different in my body, but I feel it. Every week I go into the gym and start leg day or arm day and I feel stronger. I feel more flexible, and most importantly I feel great after each work out. I look forward to feeling sore because then I know I put the work in.
If you are like me and didn't think you had the time or the money, stop making excuses and go to the damn gym. My sessions are three times a week and last around 45 minutes. That's it, 45 minutes and I leave feeling so accomplished. Tired, but accomplished. I sleep better at night, I am eating right and those endorphins are a plus too! Yes, a personal trainer can be expensive, but fit it into your budget. I look at the money I am spending as an investment. An investment towards my health and well-being. Honestly, I would be spending it somewhere else frivolously, probably on crappy food.
 I wanted to write about my experience because I know it's hard. It's hard to get started and set aside that time. I can be expensive and draining at first, but I promise you will not regret it, Find a trainer or a friend who wants to work out and help you along the way. Having someone to talk to is so helpful! My friends and I motivate each other and always encourage one another.
There is no better time than now. A year from now you will look back and wish you had started today. You know the phrases. They are overused, a bit cheesy, but so true! No more excuses.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Weekly Spread: August 8th-14th

Happy Monday! I spent a majority of my weekend watching the Olympics and I loved every second of it. To keep up with the Olympic theme going on in my life, I created a very Team USA spread for this week using a Navy and Floral Kit I purchased from Sweet Bean Plans back in December. I am really liking the checklist flags lately. It feels a bit more clean and not as clutter as when I use full box checklists. I might be trying to incorporate white space into my spreads more.
I hope everyone has a great week!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Olympic Eats

The Opening Ceremony for the Rio 2016 Olympics is tonight! I plan on having people come by throughout the weekend to hang out and watch the games. I wanted to have a few easy snacks on hand that also can add to the festivities. I found so many fun ideas on Pinterest, my go-to place for inspiration. My favorite ideas are the strawberry, blueberry and banana shish kabobs and Patriotic Popcorn with sprinkles and red and blue M&Ms. So easy and tasty! 
Do you have any plans for the 2016 Summer Olympics?

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Glossy Pages: Gold-Medal Fashion, Vogue August 2016 dup

When I saw the cover of Vogue's August issue I could not wait to see the full spread. When the summer Olympics last took place in 2012, Vogue had an amazing editorial, Country Strong, that featured various male athletes and Karlie Kloss. It was really interesting to see the fierce athletes with a high fashion model. In their current issue, Vogue took a new approach and featured Gigi Hadid alongside track and field Olympic Ashton Eaton. Gigi looks amazing in the clothes, but even more incredible in the action shots. My favorite image is Gigi and Easton jumping hurdles. Incredible! I am so excited for the Olympics! Go USA!

Images from Vogue.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekly Spread: August 1st-7th

Happy August! Happy Olympics Month! Go Team USA!
I find it oddly pleasing when the first of the month starts on a Monday, it just feels like a solid start to any month. It especially works out nicely in an Erin Condren planner. I love the colors for this week's spread. I am ready for fall. Although I will miss summer, fall has always been my favorite time of year. I love wearing layers, drinking cider and football Sundays. For an early fall kick off, this spread from Love For Stickers was perfect.