Sparks of Inspiration

Have you ever felt so uninspired that you drag and are slow and everything seems grey? It sounds horrible and depressing because it is. For the past few days, I have felt blah and uninspired. I mostly blame the weather with it's scorching heat and 65% humidity that makes you so tired and sluggish. We all have those days, ya know?
Today, that all went away. I had a spark of inspiration when I least expected it. I wandered into the most wonderful cafe on my lunch break. Penny Lane Cafe stole my heart the moment I walked in. The colorful lights hanging on the ceiling and the beaded mosaic bar were beautiful. I wish my photos could do this gypsy/hippie wonderland justice. I felt immediately energized when I walked in. Everyone who worked there was so nice. There was a soothing vibe that felt almost magical. I could not stop looking around and taking in each detail. It was just the little boost I needed to get me feeling back on track.
I cannot wait to go back next week and spend a bit more time there. Everything on the menu looks so delicious. I already know I love their shakes. I grabbed a protein shake called Black Forest Power. It was so refreshing and full of blueberries and almond milk. This little gem was the perfect pick me up. I am so happy I found it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday!