Work It Out

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On Saturday, I had my first ever session with a personal trainer. I joined a new gym last week and with my membership I received a complimentary personal training session. In less than 30 minutes I discovered just how much I needed a gym. I felt winded and worn out. But, I also felt powerful. I performed far better and longer than I thought I could. My body really surprised me. I am stronger than I realize. It's an interesting revelation when you finally let yourself see what you can really do. After my session, I decided right there I needed to work with this trainer again, and I signed up for three classes a week for the next month. By the time I got home, the endorphins were kicking in and I was beaming with excitement and drive. I am so excited about my new gym, my trainer and starting a healthy lifestyle with eating right and being active. My trainer is also a nutritionist and has given me some great tips.
Of course, before the gym sesh there was some shopping involved. I am pretty particular about my workout clothes. I am not a fan of shorts or sleeveless tops and prefer full length or cropped leggings with a t-shirt style top. I found some great options at two of my favorite stores; Target and Kohl's. Target's work out section is incredible! I found the most amazing pair of galaxy like leggings for $25. At Kohl's, I hit the jackpot in the clearance section when I found a hot pink training bra and a moisture wicking black tee. Next on my workout wish list are these mesh panel leggings.
I'd love to know, where do you buy workout clothes and what are some of your favorite things to do to stay active?