Gotta Catch 'Em All

You guys, I may be slightly addicted to Pokemon Go! I never played the card game as a kid or even watched the TV show. I did, however, collect Pokemon cards, but only the pretty holographic ones. A few days ago, a friend came by to hang out and convinced me to try the game out. Six days later and I have gone on one Pokemon outing, caught 26 Pokemon, evolved quite a few, and have plans to hit up another Pokemon hot stop this weekend.

On Tuesday night, some friends and I hung out at Delaware Park for about 2 hours catching Pokemon with dozens of others. Everyone was just having fun and enjoying the weather. People were interacting with one another and asking for advice. At one point, two girls came around to my group and offered us free ice cream bars! They said they were handing them out to Pokemon players to keep them cool! How awesome is that! This game, while ridiculously fun, is also creating a sense of comradery between strangers. It's bringing people together and getting people outside. Of course, there are those few instances where people are getting themselves in sticky situations, but those stories shock me every time. You have to pay attention people!
I'd love to know if you are playing Pokemon Go? Any tips or tricks!