Wanderlust: Exploring Columbus

Early Monday morning, we packed up our campsite at Bonnaroo and hit the road headed towards Columbus. We decided to split up the trip home into two days so we wouldn't go stir crazy in the car. Our halfway point was Columbus, Ohio where we stayed in an adorable AirBNB home right off High Street. 

Monday night, we arrived in Columbus around 6pm. After we each showered and scrubbed all the dirt off of us, we hit up a local spot called Roosters for wings and the NBA Finals game. Being from Buffalo, the chicken wing capital, we were a bit skeptical about how the wings would taste, but we were pleasantly surprised. They had a crispy coating that I really enjoyed.

On Tuesday, we all woke up feeling refreshed. After four days of trying to sleep on a partially inflated twin mattress, sleeping in a bed, although a bit stiff for me, was heaven. We ventured onto High Street for breakfast. Yelp directed me to Jack & Benny's, which has been voted "Ohio's Best Breakfast." It did not disappoint. The sausage gravy and biscuits were mouth watering, and the giant blueberry pancake was superb.
After fueling up on coffee and pancakes, we headed a few miles down High Street until we hit The Ohio State University. My brother has been an Ohio Buckeyes fan for a few years and is looking to transfer to OSU in the next year or so. He was so excited to explore the campus, as were the rest of us.
It was stunning. The Horseshoe, or Ohio Stadium, was majestic. All of the buildings on campus had beautiful architecture and intricate details. There was an interesting mix of classical style buildings with a few modern buildings here and there. It added an interesting aesthetic to the charming campus. My favorite areas were the Thompson Library and the Union. The library had a mini "museum" which displayed the Underwood typewriter (I learned it is tied to the hit show House of Cards) and a tool women once used to achieve waves in their hair. We each learned a little something during out time on the campus and had fun taking in all the sights.
Exploring OSU was the perfect cherry on top to close out our trip. Fingers crossed Steve applies to OSU so I can go back and explore some more and attend an OSU football game! Go Buckeyes!