Bonnaroo Outfits

Today is the day! We are on our way to the Bonnaroo camp grounds! In a few hours we will be at the first show! I cannot wait! When packing, I tried to be reasonable. I know it is going to be so hot down there (98 degrees is forecasted for Saturday and Sunday). Shorts were a no-brainer, but the tops threw me for a loop. I am not a big fan of sleeveless shirts, but I didn't want to wear t-shirts either. I am hopeless, I know. I was able to settle on an in-between style that is also on trend, off the shoulder tops. Over the past 2-3 weeks I have been perfecting my Bonnaroo wardrobe, picking things up here and there. My go-to stores quickly became Target and Old Navy. Have you seen Target's summer clothes yet? Everything is amazing! I found so many cute shorts and tops there. I also found this fringe top the other day at Kohl's and I had to have it. I am bringing minimal jewelry, aside from one necklace and a few earrings I designed (blog post to follow). A hat is definitely necessary, and handkerchiefs to tie around my neck for a little something extra. Footwear is mostly closed toe to account for all the walking around. But, I did walk all over NYC in flats and sandals, so one pair of slip on sandals is coming with me. I am so excited for the artists and the music, but I am also excited to get my festival style on!