Review: Amy Schumer Live

On Saturday night, I saw the incredible Amy Schumer! My friend and I bought tickets a few days before the event and I am so glad we did! I loved Amy in Trainwreck and ever since seeing that movie I have been hooked. Before the comedy show on Saturday night, I spent the week watching YouTube videos from her show, Inside Amy Schumer, and any other videos I could find. This video from vanity Fair is hilarious! I was looking forward to the show all day, but I was cautiously optimistic. I had never been to a big name comic stand up so I wasn't sure what to expect. Of course, I expected Amy to be funny (duh), but she was making-me-cry-I-can't-breathe funny. I was laughing for the entire hour and half she was on stage! She jokes ranged from feminism to dating and sex to PMS. My friend and I left that show raving on and on! I wish I could watch it all over again. If she is coming to a venue near you, go! Get your tickets now and go! You will not regret it!