Favorite Work Snacks

My relationship with food has always been a good one. I try to have a balanced diet. My biggest food motto is "Everything in Moderation." I never deprive myself of anything I am craving, and I never let myself feel guilty for eating something. If I notice I have gone off the beaten path and have been eating too many unhealthy foods for a few days in a row (pizza for dinner one night and then two days of leftovers), I just step back and eat healthier for the next few days to get back on track.
While lunch and dinner are the bigger meals I have during the day, I do try and make sure I eat something for breakfast. Usually that consists of hard boiled eggs, a Luna bar, and occasionally a bagel with cream cheese. For lunch, I try to pack a meal to bring to work, usually dinner left overs or a 6 inch sub from Subway loaded with veggies. While a good breakfast and lunch should be filling, I find myself wanting a little snack around 3pm. I used to keep cookies and sweets on hand in my snack drawer at my desk, but those only fill me up momentarily and then leave me feeling unsatisfied and sluggish.
Since the farmer's market started back up for the summer, I have been stocking up on fruits, veggies and herbs. I love buying a big bag of apples, which lasts the week and are great for work snacks. I have been very adament about having healthy snacks at my desk. I do also keep one or two sweet treats for those sugar cravings I can't shake, but overall, I like to have healthy snack options available:

Apples are my favorite crispy treat. I can easily eat them on their own, but peanut butter is a great source of protein with the added sweetness I don't feel bad about devouring. I love hummus and pairing it with baby carrots is oh so tasty. I will occasionally which out the carrots for pretzels when I need something a little more salty and savory. The goat cheese, honey and crackers might seem a bit much, but I just scoop out a tablespoon of goat cheese I pick up from the farmer's market, drizzle some honey on top and grab a few crackers. This snack is so delicious and a simple, but luxurious way to snack. I'd love to know, what are your favorite snacks?