The Candle Craze

Last month, as a little birthday gift to myself, I made my first Diptyque purchase. I have been wanting to order some Diptyque candles for quite some time now, but could never justify the price. But.. for my birthday I bent the rules a bit. Diptyque offers this great set for $96 featuring mini candles in the three top selling fragrances: Roses, Baies, and Figuier. 
I burned Roses first and the soft floral scent filled up the apartment. It burned very slowly and evenly. I find that an even burn is always the hardest thing to come by. For the past few days. I have switched to Baies, which so far has been my favorite scent. It has the sweet scent of roses but the addition of blackcurrant leaves really gives it an extra edge. The smell is sweet, but not overly so.
I am very happy with my purchase. A good splurge is fun every once in a while, especially when you end up loving what you buy. I don't see myself purchasing these often just because they are pricey, but for special occasions or if there is ever a sale, I will be sure to tag advantage.