M&M Flavor Test

When it comes to trying new flavors of anything, I am always game. My office is all about it as well, which makes for a fun half hour of taste testing when a new Lay's flavor comes out. Most recently, I have been on the hunt for the three M&M flavors you can vote on to keep one around. Yesterday, I finally found all three at Walgreen's and they were on sale! Cha-ching!

After much deliberation and eating a whole bag of each with the help of my co-workers, here are my thoughts on the flavors:

Honey Nut: Each M&M has a slightly different taste. My first bite was a peanut buttery flavor and the second was sweet honey. I like the Honey Nut a lot, but compared to the classic Peanut M&M I'd didn't think there were too many differences.

Coffee Nut: I love coffee, but I had heard the coffee taste is not very strong. (I spent a good half hour reading Facebook comments last night.) I completely disagree. The coffee flavor is front and center with this M&M.

Chili Nut: To be completely honest, I was a little bit afraid to try this one. I love spice, don't get me wrong, but I just wasn't sure what to expect. When you first try this M&M, you think it's a fluke. There is no spice, no kick, no thing. Then once you have almost completely eaten it, the spice sneaks up on you. Bam! It's not anything too spicy, but it definitely gets your attention.

My two favorite are Coffee Nut and Chili Nut, and since I have to vote for just one, Coffee Nut is my winner. At the office, everyone really liked Chili Nut. Have you tried these fun flavors? What did you think?