DIY: Necklace Display

I have been on a DIY binge lately. The funny thing about all these DIY's is that I came up with the ideas while wandering around a craft store. I just happened to see items that would be perfect for tassel earrings or this arrow necklace display.
I had been trying to think of ways to organize and display all of my necklaces. I was originally thinking a cork board, since that would be simple, but I wanted something with a bit more eye appeal. I saw the wooden arrow in Michael's Craft Store for about $6. I instantly knew this would be the perfect piece to hang my jewelry on. I also picked up some screw hooks for about $2. After a quick coat of white paint, an hour or so of dry time, I then placed the hooks every few inches. This project was so quick and easy. I love a good DIY that also is not time consuming.