Review: Blue Man Group

My boyfriend and I purchased last minute tickets to see the Blue Man group on Saturday. I have always wanted to see them and Brandon is a big fan. Tickets were pretty inexpensive, especially for buying them just three days before the show. We sat in the balcony of Shea's, a beautiful local theater that always holds the best performances in town, and the show was a blast! The lights, the music,the colors, and the Blue Men were spectacular. The show was interactive and quite funny. I laughed the duration of the show. Even from the balcony, we could see the men's expressions and emotions so clearly. They truly are so talented. They brought people from the audience on stage on tow different occasions. A darling older woman was brought up and that may have been my favorite skit from the show. That, and the drums with paint. The show encompassed everything from artistic expression to science. At one point we were on our feet dancing while confetti and giant beach balls were tossed around the audience. It was so much fun! After the show, we made our way to the main lobby where Blue Men were taking pictures with people and marking their forehead with a blue thumbprint. If you have never seem them and want to have a good time, I highly recommend going! They are touring throughout the U.S. until July, and also have permanent shows in a few major cities. Check it out!

Pictures were not allowed during the show, but for a sneak peak check out these images