Meaningful Jewels

Over the years I have purchased necklaces and bracelets and rings from various stores mainly for the purpose of costume jewelry. I have statement necklaces full of vibrant colors and chunky rings for a boho vibe. While they are beautiful, they do not hold any meaning. For a while I felt like I did not own any pieces that meant something. That was until I took a closer look.
Lately, I have been reaching for the same bracelet everyday. I also have pieces I cherish and keep in their original packaging, front and center on my dresser. It's funny, but I did not realize these pieces meant so much to me until I thought about the stories behind them. So, here are four pieces of jewelry that mean the world to me and stories they tell.

I received this charm bracelet during my last few weeks in New York City right after I graduated. It was given to my by my best friend, MJ, and her mother. I can still picture the restaurant we were in like it was yesterday. There is a New York charm, a feather, my initial, and beads in my birthstone color. It holds everything that is dear to me and I adore it. MJ and I lived together in NYC in the best apartment! I was huge, had exposed brick, and our living room was the focal point for eating, crafting and building all the furniture we ordered. I formed a great relationship with not only MJ, but her family, and I miss them all so much. Every time I wear this necklace I think of them.

This bracelet was given to me last Christmas by my cousin Betsy. She has great taste and always picks out the best gifts. I wear this every single day. While living in the city, Betsy and I became closer than ever and I miss our brunches and museum outings. For me, this bracelet signifying Betsy's grace and kindness, and our friendship that extends beyond just being family.

I have always loved turquoise. It all started when I was working on the ranch in Wyoming. I spent three summers there while I was in high school. Over the years, I have misplaced some of the rings I had purchased from jewelers in nearby towns, but each time I see turquoise, I am reminded of the ranch and that feeling of pure happiness from being surrounded by such beauty. I picked up this ring last month from a shop in the Las Vegas airport on my way home from a work trip, so it holds multiple meanings.

That brings me to the fourth piece of jewelry that I love- my first Tiffany's piece. I bought this necklace in Las Vegas on the morning of our last day of my first work trip. That trip was such a big part of my first grown up job. The trip was a total success. I learned so much about our vendors and the business. We worked all day and played well into the night. I won $110 during my first time playing Roulette. I took that money and bought this necklace. I cherish this piece. The memories of Las Vegas and the feelings of success and growth in a job that I love live within this necklace.