First Impressions: Maybelline Brow Drama

My brows have never been a major issue. I pluck them myself. I have only ever waxed them twice. They have a great shape and are just a dark as my hair, which is as close to black as brown can get. Of course, I went through my pencil thin brows that I diligently over plucked because that was the style in high school. But after my mom pleaded for me to stop, I eventually put the tweezers down to let my brows grow back.
Nowadays, I often receive compliments on my brows. I take pride in them and don't often do much more than pluck maybe once every two weeks. With that said, I love a filled in brow with clean edges and a strong shape. Think Lily Collins. I have yet to master that. I have little wispy hairs at the beginning of my brows that are really the only hairs that give me any issues. On a day to day basis, I don't tend to worry or even think about my brows. For dressier nights out, I do like to add some color to fill in the few gaps. For me, it's all about ease. When I heard Maybelline came out with a new brow pencil, I had to try it.
Over the weekend, I tested out the new Maybelline Brow Drama Eye Crayon in Deep Brown. The thicker pencil was not something I was used to. I have tried super thin brow pencils in the past. For me, those thin strokes seemed to be noticeable, if you can believe that.  In three light strokes, I had filled in my brows. I smudged where necessary to eliminate build up and was done. For a brow beginner and someone looking for something quick and easy, this product is great. If you want fine lines and precision, this might not be the brow pencil for you. Overall, the formula is silky smooth and very light. It lasted all night and never moved. I will certainly be using this product again.