DIY Valentine's Day Cards

I am no Picasso. But, I do enjoy creating homemade gifts. Making cards, in particular, has been an activity I have been doing since I could draw. My mom always encouraged us to make a card for family member's birthdays or special occasions. This year I decided to make a few cards to send to friends and loved ones. I hit up A.C. Moore and found adorable stickers, fun craft paper and this really cool clear plastic-like card stock with little pink hearts. Everything I picked up was on sale and I stumbled on a 3 page pack of decorative stickers for only one dollar! I used some pink washi tape from my collection to seal the envelopes and I think that adds such a nice touch. There were some instances were I liked the envelope decor more than the card itself! I did not go too crazy with designs, but after checking out Pinterest, I definitely want to step up my game next year! Visit my Pinterest for more homemade Valentine's Day card ideas.