Planning 101: Where To Start

Before I decided on investing in an Erin Condren planner, I did my research. And by research I mean I watched a ridiculous amount of Plan With Me videos on YouTube. By nature, I am a pretty organized person and I love to plan ahead. After watching hours of PWM videos, I knew I needed/wanted a planner to help me stay organized this year and have some fun with planner stickers. These videos also helped me decide which planner I wanted, which Etsy shops to check out and a starting pad for what stickers to purchase first. By the time I was ready to purchase a planner and some stickers, I felt pretty prepared. Although, I will say when it came to sticker shops, I was overwhelmed due to the amount of adorable stickers that are out there. Here are a few YouTube channels I watched to help get me started:

1. Scribble Prints Co.

I love watching Andrea's videos. She uses the Erin Condren Vertical planner, which I ended up purchasing. She also has an Etsy sticker shop, Scribble Prints Co.. Andrea features a lot of Etsy shops in her videos as well as her own stickers. She is a big user of kits which come with just about everything you would need from a weekly spread. Kits usually include full boxes, half boxes, washi, functional stickers, such as meal planning dots, pay day dots and a weekend banner. When ordering stickers I made sure to order kits. It's a great way to see which stickers you end up using and which ones you don't so you can order certain stickers separately. I found I love kits, but they usually don't have a lot of decorating stickers, so I order those separately.

2. MandaPhenom

Mandy might be my favorite Plan With Me YouTuber. She is so funny and friendly. I learned a great tip from her about pre-planning and the power of page flags. Using page flags or Post It notes, you can mark events or appointments and stick them over the day so you know what's going on for that day when decorating. I also learned the Target Dollar Spot is THE place to go for little goodies like page flags. When you are ready decorate, you can just peel them off and jot it down once you completed your spread.

3. Creating & Co.

Paige was one of the first PWM videos I watched. She has her layout down and as strange as it may sound, she helped me figure out how I would lay the stickers down. She tends to turn her planner every which way to get the stickers to be placed perfectly and it's been working wonders for me to do the same. Simple, but very helpful tips.

Watching videos really helped me prepare for the planning world. I hope this helps you too! Look out for more Planning 101 tips and tricks!