Planning 101: The Planner's Tool Kit

When I opened up to the first week of January in my brand new Erin Condren planner, I could not wait to use the New Years stickers I had purchased and created. I jumped right in without hesitation, but in a matter of minutes, I was getting up and down repeatedly for scissors, tape, etc. As soon as I finished my first spread, I took everything I used and organized it in an old Birchbox so future planning would be a breeze.. Here is what I keep in my Planner's Tool Kit:

1. Glue Stick. A great tool for pasting stickers that have lost some of it's stick.  or for printables on standard paper.
2. Tape. You never know when you might need tape.
3. Multi colored Ink Joy pens. I picked these up at Rite Aid for about $3. I love having a variety of ink choices.
4. Post Its and Page Flags. To mark events for the following weeks or for a bit of extra space to add to a busy day.
5. Paper clips. I like to paper clip kits together so I don't loose track of any sheets.
6. Scissors. From trimming down washi, stickers, or cutting out printables.

I love having everything is one place that is easy to grab and go for traveling or planning anywhere around the house.  I'd love to hear what tools you use for your planning sessions!