Fitness Fashions

For me, finding motivation to hit the gym has always been a challenge, but I have a theory. Just as we prep for a date night or a special occasion, we go out and find the perfect outfit. What if we did that for the gym. Instead of the typical black leggings or shorts with an over-sized tee, you can now have your pick of the liter when it comes to colors and design of work out gear.  Athleisure is still a hot trend right now. Designers such as Tory Burch and Rebecca Minkoff have even created lines to fulfill this expanding shift in fashion. Victoria's Secret has been creating stylish prints and colors for yoga pants for some time, and now their sports bras are getting more attention. I put together some pieces that are unique and fun.. From metallic duffle bags to clever yoga mats, these pieces are sure to help get you in the mindset to work out.