Carry On

I am currently on a plane to Las Vegas! I am seriously #adulting today. This is my first work trip! Myself and a few other employees are heading to an expo to see this year's latest and greatest promotional products. The flight is about 5 hours, so I made sure to pack a few things in my carry on to keep me occupied.

1. Laptop. I hope to work on some blog posts while high in the sky.

2. Books and magazines. I still need to finish Paper Towns before I see the movie. A good book and magazines are a must-have for me on any flight.

3. An oversized scarf. I tend to get chilly on planes. A cozy oversized scarf doubles as a neck pillow and a blanket.

4. Water and snacks. This is going to be the longest flight I have been on in awhile. I am going to grab a water bottle and some yummy snacks to munch on.

5. My Erin Condren Life Planner. Ever since I received my planner, is has not left my side.

6. Sunnies. It's going to be warm and sunny when we get to Vegas. By warm I mean about 60 degrees, but that's better than 25. I am really looking forward to having to wear sunglasses since it's been so cloudy here lately.

7. My phone. This is a no brainer. I love listening to music on flights. I already have a playlist put together. When I need a little entertainment, I have a few games to keep me occupied .

8. Makeup essentials. I never pack my makeup in my suitcase for fear it will be smashed. I tried to pack only the necessary items with a few extra lipsticks, of course.