Apps That Save You Money

I love a good deal. Coupons are one of my favorite things and sifting through the Sunday paper filled with flyers and ads is a weekly ritual I look forward to. Today, finding deals and saving money is as easy as opening an app. I have been using three amazing apps to help save money and earn money with purchases.
If you are a Target lover such as myself, you may have already heard of this app. It's exclusively for Target stores. Each week new deals are added to the app and you can save discounts to your Barcode. You can also scan items throughout the store to see if they are offering any discounts. When you get to the register, just have the cashier scan your Barcode and see the total drop. I love this app!

I recently started using Ebates. I mostly signed up because I can earn cash back on Etsy purchases. Winning. It also works at online stores such as Old Navy, Sephora, and, of course, Target. You can also save the Ebates button to your browser so when you go to a website that works with Ebates, you can easily click and earn cash back, I have only used it for a month and already earned $10 in cash back. It may not seem like much, but any little bit helps.

Every once in a while, I like to check out the top apps in the App Store. That's how I discovered Shopkick. You can earn points towards a gift card to a variety of stores just by checking in to stores you shop in. You don't have to buy anything, you can just walk in. It works at just about every store you can imagine. Just walk in, check in, earn points and earn a gift card.