Outerwear Styling

Monochrome. Black on black on black is the usual go-to monochrome color, but I have seen cream becoming a popular color for this trend. What I love about cream monochrome is the variation of the color you can get in one outfit. With black there isn't always a lot of dimension. Add in mixing textures, such as a knit scarf or silk trousers and you have perfection. Grey is another color I love in monochrome.

Color block. I love seeing bold colors for each piece. A burgundy hat with a olive green jacket and a plaid scarf that ties it all together is fun without being overdone. I love a good plaid scarf, but a solid cream scarf would work here as well.

Patterns. I have yet to master the pattern on pattern looks, but I love when it's done right. Mixing the same patterns in a large and a small print is so chic. BEE of Atlantic~Pacific is great at achieving this look