Happy Little Workspace

I love my job. I love being able to let my creative juices flow and the people I work with are amazing. However, there are times when the thought of sitting at my desk for 8-9 hours is a bit depressing. I do often get up to walk around and chit chat while at work, but for the most part I am at my desk. Recently, a co-worker inspired me to create a theme for my desk, and I have been having so much fun thinking about little decorations and what colors I want to incorporate. So far, I added two little succulents to my desk and it has already brightened up the space. Gold, white and a pop of mint green are going to be my colors. Gold and white were a given, but I wanted a fun color to add in the mix. I want my desk to be a productive area, as well as my happy place, so the items I use to decorate will be duel purpose. For example, a gold tray that holds a box of tissues, Post-Its, and a bowl of paperclips and rubber bands. I do want to have a few items to make the space mine, such as a gold art print, a jar full of my favorite candies, and a framed pictures of my friends and family.

This little project already has me excited to be at my desk more. I also have plans on decorating for the Holidays in a few weeks!