My Cold Remedy

Cold and flu season is here. For the last two days, I have been down for the count with a terrible cold. Over the years, I have perfected by cold remedy with cozy blankets, hot soup, and lots of DayQuil. Here are my go to cold remedy items:

1. Cough drops. Not only to they sooth a sore throat, the menthol helps clear your sinuses.
2. Tissues. I have seasonal allergies so I always have multiple boxes on hand.
3. DayQuil/NyQuil. I usually opt for the off-brand since it is a bit cheaper and gets the job done.
4. Soup. Lots of soup. Chicken Noodle is a staple, but I also like heartier soups, such as Chicken and Dumpling or a Beef Stew.
5. Tea. I always have a variety of teas stocked. Stash Mango Passionfruit is my favorite.
6. Gatorade. It's important to stay hydrated. I like Gatorade when I just can't drink water or tea any more.
7. Magazines. After a while, I get bored watching TV. I like to pick up one or two magazine to flip though when I'm bundled up and need a break from the television.