#DIY: Gold Candle Sconces

I have discovered spray paint. It's a blessing and a curse. There are now quite a spray painted items in my apartment. The first spray paint project involved sconces. There is a very big wall when you first walk in to the apartment, and I decided to invest in one large art piece to be the focal point. But even with the print, the wall still felt empty. I thought gold sconces would make the room feel finished and sophisticated, while taking up a bit more wall space. I searched for about a week and found some options, but nothing that I loved. I wanted them to be simple so they wouldn't take away from the art. When I finally found the perfect sconce, there was only one problem. They were black. I didn't dawn on me right away to purchase them and just spray paint them gold, but when it did I was so excited!
It was a very simple and inexpensive DIY prohect.  Here is what you'll need:

-Sconces, I purchased these.
-Spray paint.
-Cardboard or plastic to spray paint on.

I ended up doing 3 coats for good measure, but two coats is probably all you would really need. I left them dry for about an hour between each coat. I really love the way the sconces turned out! Thank goodness for spray paint!