#tbt: Exploring Brooklyn

I remember just a few months ago before I graduated trying to plan my future in New York City. I was job hunting and apartment browsing. Fast forward and here I am with an incredible job, a beautiful apartment and looking back on NYC adventures. Never did I image moving away from New York so soon, but I could not be more thrilled. I do miss the city at times, but mostly I miss the friendships.
These pictures were taken in an adorable section of Brooklyn with one of my closest friends, MJ. We had spend all morning and afternoon exploring the Bronx Zoo. Somehow we ended up in Brooklyn later that evening. We wandered around for a bit and stumbled into a cute cafe called The Little Sweet Cafe. They were just about to close, but the owner insisted on taking care of us. He made fresh squeezed lemonade on the spot and it was delicious.
This day full of adventures took place during my last month in the city. I loved being able to do something things that I have never done before, such as going to the zoo, before I said goodbye to the city that never sleeps.