New Beginnings

Hello! I'm here! I'm back! So much has happened since my last post about 3 months ago! I truly cannot believe all the changes that have occurred in just three short months. I was sitting on my couch the other day thinking about what's been going on lately and a weird feeling came over me. It was a feeling that something was missing. I tried to figure out what on earth could be missing because I am so happy and excited with my life right now. Then it hit me. I missed Little ramblings. I missed blogging and being creative and sharing my thoughts and experiences. So, here I am! I have so many fun posts already started and ready to be posted, but I feel like I need to kick off my posts with a back story to my hiatus.

I have been on this new adventure for a few months now, but each time I think about all the amazing things going on the excitement and giddiness all comes back. is the short version. I graduated at the end of May, moved back to Buffalo in July, started an incredible job shortly after and moved into an apartment with my boyfriend!!! Whoa! So, I have been a little busy lately, but now I feel like I am in more of a routine and am looking forward to making time for Little Ramblings. Be on the lookout for new posts this week and from here on out!