Beauty Haul & Review

Protect & Refresh Dry Shampoo. I have tried many dry shampoos, but this one somehow slipped by until recently. I have been a longtime loyal user of Klorane Dry Shampoo, but this Beauty Protector brand is a strong contender. The scent is subtle and the powder quickly disappears making my morning routine much easier and faster.

Protect & Detangle. I always have a few heat protectants/detanglers in my arsenal so when one runs out, I can just grab another. Each time I come back to this particular product I always question why I don't keep it stocked. This product is amazing. It smells great and works wonders. With just a few sprays, my comb glides through my hair when wet and unruly.

R&Co Gemstone Color Shampoo. A few weeks ago, I went to the salon to get my hair dyed back to my natural color and added some babylights for dimension. I loved the way it turned out. To keep the babylights from turning brassy, I invested in this color safe shampoo that leaves my hair so shiny.

Aerie Body Cream. I've never been someone who gets out the shower and immediately puts lotion on. My skin is pretty good about retaining moisture, but when I found this Aerie body cream I couldn't wait to slather it on. It has a subtle floral scent and the formula is very lightweight. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the Aerie beauty products.

Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara. I grabbed this product one day in desperate need of mascara without really paying attention, and I wish I hadn't been in such a rush. I love the way this mascara makes my lashes look: full, lengthened and not at all clumpy. But there is a major problem, I purchased it in waterproof. I am not a fan of waterproof mascara. I realized what a mistake I made when my eye makeup remover could not make this stuff budge. I ended up rubbing too hard and lost three eyelashes! I definitely want to give this mascara a fair shot with the regular formula.