A Day at the Zoo

On Thursday, my friend and I went on an adventure to the Bronx Zoo. I had never been to the zoo and we both had the day free. It was an easy ride on the 5 train and 4 short blocks from the West Farms Square stop. I knew from looking at the zoo's website there was a student discount, but there was no exact price shown. When we arrived, we found out it was only $14.00 for the Total Experience! That's 20 dollars off! It's normally $33. With the Total Experience ticket you can visit the Butterfly Conservatory,  take the tram through the Wild Asia Monorail, and much more. It is a great deal and we had the best day!

My favorite parts of the day was the polar bear exhibit and the tigers. The polar bear was so cute and playful! He was swimming around and having so much fun with this floaty ring. My friend and I just happened to stop by the tiger pen at just the right time. A few minutes after we arrived we were able to see trainers work with the two year old tigers. They were so beautiful. Fierce and beautiful.
It was the perfect way to spend the day. I am so glad I was finally able to see everything the Bronx Zoo has to offer! If you have not yet gone, you need to go!