Unboxing: February Birchbox

February's box is amazing! I love the vibrant colors. This month's box is all about Friendship, the kind of love that is cherished.
I received 5 wonderful samples this month. The Juicy Couture Hollywood Royal perfume, which has a soft, floral scent. I will definitely be wearing this come Spring. The Gilchrist &Soames shower gel is the perfect size for traveling! I may have to save this container once I use this product up. The shower gel has a very subtle orange citrus scent. I like citrusy scents especially in the morning, it seems to help wake me up. Well, that and coffee! I am very excited to try the Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting Liquid Exfoliant. I love exfoliating! This particular product is a leave-on exfoliant that "wipes away impurities to reveal smooth, even-toned, glowing skin." And you just use a cotton ball to apply it. Sounds so simple! I have try this immediately. The Parlor by Jeff Chastain was my sample choice for February. It was very secretive. In the Sample Choice video, Birchbox did not even tell us the brand name! This product is exclusive to Birchbox and is Sea Salt Spray. I sprayed some on my hair the other day and it smelled so good! The fifth sample I received is from the Balm. I love the name- Read My Lips in BAM! This lip gloss has ginseng in it which is full of antioxidants and provides loads of shine. Sounds good to me!