App Love

I love discovering fun new apps and sometimes rediscovering old ones. Here are some apps I am loving right now.

1. BeautifulMess

This app lets you create fun little doodles and text on top of photos you take. It costs $0.99, but I promise it's worth it!

2. Draw Something 2 Free

I used to have Draw Something Free and even though I was slightly obsessed, it died out after a bit. My friend told me about Draw Something 2 a few weeks ago and I have been hooked (again) ever since.

3. Cards
My friend told me about this awesome app that allows you to make cards using your own pictures, as well as premade designs. The app itself is free, and for about 3 dollars, you can actually mail a hard copy of your creation to a friend or family member. Since I love snail mail and stationary, I had to download this app. I already sent my dad a card and I am planning on sending one to everyone in my contact list.

What apps are you constantly opening these days?