Simple Spendings

When I tell people I live in New York City, the first thing they say is, "That place is so expensive." While some things are more expensive in the big apple (living, 5 star restaurants, The Plaza Hotel), there is so much to do that doesn't have to cost much or anything at all. It all depends on where you go and when.

Today, I had the perfect NYC afternoon and spent just over 20 dollars. It started with lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant Blockheads. The lunch special is $7 and you can get a $2 margarita. That is a delicious and filling meal with a drink for $9 plus a tip! Amazing! After lunch, my girl friend and I ventured over to 16 Handles for some froyo. I indulged in a small cup of frozen yogurt and spent under 2 dollars.

While finishing up my sweet treat, I made my way over to Central Park to walk around, people watch, take some pictures, and even wrote for a bit on a park bench. I did all of that for free. :) On my walk home, I stopped at a little bodega on the corner to pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers for 7 dollars. I love flowers and after spending the day outside, I wanted to bring the outdoors indoors.

I had a lovely afternoon and only spent about 21 dollars. I am sure there will be some days when I enjoy the city and all it has to offer, from Central Park to museums, for no cost at all, and of course, there will also be some days I spend a bit more. But for the most part, you just have to know where to go and when to go. It can be expensive no mater where you live, the trick is to be a savvy spender.

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather as much as I am!