DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Over the weekend, I was invited to a lovely Valentine's Day card making party hosted by a new friend of mine, Lucy. I meet her through my cousin and she is such a doll. Not only that, but she has an eye for everything from fashion to flower arrangements. Check out her amazing blog, Across the Sound, to see what I'm talking about.
For about three hours, eight girls were gathered around a table covered in glitter, pink paper with little hearts, stickers, twine, and any other craft material you can think of. It was every crafter's dream. I made a handful of cute cards for my family and friends. Valentine's Day isn't just about spending time with a significant other, it is also about showing love for everyone in your life. So, even if you don't have someone special to spend the day with, think about who you do have. Maybe you and some other single friends could rent a movie and enjoy a great night in with sweet treats and good company.

I hope these cards inspired you to create something special for your loved ones.
What will you be doing this Valentine's Day?