Edgy Integration

I like to play around with trends while still staying true to my style. Skulls and crossbones, studs, and spikes are very in right now. I have seen so many skull bracelets, and I think they are awesome, just not for me. I am, however, embracing the skulls look in a fabulous top I picked up from Zara the other day. It is a long top with half sleeves that are a faux leather material and a blue cheetah print velvet skull. I am obsessed. I wore it yesterday to class tucked into a pair of skinny jeans, my studded flats, a green Michael Kors army jacket I scored on clearance at TJMaxx for $60!, and my favorite black eternity scarf. Perfection. Today, I am flying home for Thanksgiving and am wearing the top again (Obsessed- I told you) with black leggings and brown boots. I truly never thought I would own anything with a skull on it, but I found something that is edgy and me. A few other edgy accessories I work into my wardrobe is a gold and silver spiked bracelet set and spiky earrings from Forever 21 and my new favorite studded flats from ShoeDazzle.
How do you integrate edgy into your wardrobe?