Thanksgiving is one week away. I am so looking forward to it. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Each year my family goes to my aunt and uncle's gorgeous cottage. We sit in front of the crackling fire eating crackers and cheese before the big meal, and we all get to reconnect. With all the the excitement of seeing my family, having some time off, and gorging on delicious food, I usually forget to stop, take a moment, and be thankful. Thankful to for my beautiful family, yummy home cooked food, and everything that I have been blessed with. I feel that this year, my thankfulness is especially strong after the horrific damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. As I think about all that I am thankful for, my thoughts go out to all those who have been effected by Frankenstorm.

Today, I had two experiences that made me realize how blessed I am. It is simple things that I tend to overlook that I truly should be the most thankful for. It is much easier to reflect on your blessings around Thanksgiving, but I am want to work on acknowledging my blessings more often.
 What are you thankful for? Do you want to help those effected by Sandy? Check out to see how you can help.