Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Enchanted Forest

I was lucky enough to make it home before Hurricane Sandy hit New York City. I have been staying cozy by the fire and drinking hot cocoa while the days have been filled with rain. Today, I ventured to the beautiful state park minutes from my dad's house to capture the gorgeous fall colors before the cold comes and leaves the trees bare. I picked up this sweater recently and love the strips and cable knit designs. It is the perfect fall and winter sweater. Warm, but light. I paired it with my favorite jeans and a flats for a casual fall outfit.
Stay warm and safe! My thoughts are with everyone back in the city and all the areas that have been effected by this horrible storm.

Forever 21 jacket (last year), Pink Rose sweater via TJMaxx, Gap Jeans, Cole Haan studded flats, Michael Kors watch, H&M sunnies

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Costume: Masquerade Ball

Masquerade Ball

Halloween is just around the corner! I am not positive what I am going to be, but this is one of my options. I love dressing up in girly, elegant costumes. I have never been one to go overly sexy or scary. Just somewhere in the middle. The great things about this costume is that it is relatively easy to make or buy. The main item you need is a mask, which you can find for around 10 dollars or make for more or less the same amount. Then you just need a dress, you many have one in your closet you can wear or try raiding a friends closet. I think lace tights would be a great way to spice up your outfit and stay warm. Red or colored heels would add a touch of color. Simple jewelry, such as rings and a bracelet for your accessories. I would avoid a necklace so you can add a subtle touch of sex appeal by showing off your neck and shoulders. Plus, you have so much going on with the mask, you don't want to take away from that. For hair, it could go either way. A fancy updo or loose curls would be gorgeous. Smokey eyes with glittery mascara and red lips would complete this exquisite costume.
Hope this idea helped you out of you are having trouble deciding what to be for Halloween!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dorm Details: Halloween Decorations

While I love living in New York City, I miss having my own space. The dorms are nice, but not very spacious and quite limiting. But I am making the best of it. Since Halloween is just two weeks away, I spent this weekend decorating my little space with fun and festive adornments. Here are some easy and budget friendly ideas and DIYs.

Glitter Jack-O'-Lantern

Many dorms don't allow you to carve pumpkins for health and safety reasons, but that doesn't mean you can't have a pumpkin at all! Instead of carving a pumpkin, you can use glitter or paint to create a fun jack-o'-lantern face.
Here is what you'll need.

How to:
  1. Tape off the eyes, nose, and mouth creating any shape and size you'd like your jack-o'-lantern face to be.
  2. Use a paint brush or your finger to spread the glue inside the taped area. 
  3. Quickly cover the glue with desired glitter. I used black, but I think purple would have been fun too!
  4. Let sit for about an hour or more to dry, then remove tape to see your handy work!

You could also just make fun designs on your pumpkin, like I did to this baby pumpkin. 

Once your pumpkins are dry, pick a place to display them. You can also add other items to you festive corner, such as Halloween candy (my favorite is candy corn) or flowers in a mason jar. 

Here is my festive ode to Halloween. I love how it spruces up my room and adds a touch of home.

This fun DIY is perfect for dorm life or a unique way to display your pumpkins at home.
How do you like to decorate for Halloween?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Footwear Wishlist

Fall Footwear Wishlist

There are so many amazing shoes for this Fall. I am not a shoe fanatic, but with all the amazing styles I am seeing it won't be long before I will become a shoe hoarder. While I was creating this image, I actually purchased those adorable brown oxfords. They are en route to my feet as I type this. I cannot wait to pair them with a cute dress or burgundy pants. I am loving the loaf style flats and can't wait to get my hands, or feet, on them! I found some fun colors on ShoeDazzle today and I think I might go for it. Leopard is such a fun pattern, and I don't think leopard will ever go out of style. With that said, I have no idea why I don't own a pair of leopard flats. I need to fix that on the double. Classic black boots are a staple for any wardrobe. I am in serious need of a new pair. The pair I have is a few years old and quite dated. Booties have been around for some time. They were great in the summer with a sundress or cutoffs, and I think they go great with skinny jeans. I have a pair in a tan suede that I love, but the grey color is beautiful!
What shoe purchases have you made lately, and what styles are you coveting?