Traveling Fool

I feel like a modern day gypsy with all the traveling I am doing lately. But don't get me wrong, I love to travel, and when traveling comfort is key for me. A comfy, over-sized sweater is my favorite fall accessory. Pair it with a dress and you are good to go. Dresses are perfect for when you are sitting for long periods of time. Keep it simple with flats and bring a pair of sock to throw on for extra warmth. The weather is cooling down, which means I can utilize my favorite Fall accessory- scarves. They can add a pop of color and extra coziness to any outfit. As far as jewelry goes, I like to keep it simple and just stick with my watch. My non-apparel travel necessities is a good book, current magazines, iPod, and, of course, a phone to play games or chit chat. I like to throw all of this can go in a good sized bag. I have been traveling by train, which is great because I can bring snacks and beverages and toss that in my bag as well.
What is your ideal travel outfit?